Pay tolls for used car purchases

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 (Chinhphu.vn) - Mr. Sung A Pao (Dien Bien) bought a car by a liquidated business. The car has been discontinued from 2011, Pao bought and overhauled again, but when it was registered, it was required to pay for road charges for the time the car is in the warehouse of the business.

Mr. Pao asked, if the car is not used, shall he have to pay a toll? Do buyer buy car from other person have to pay road toll for the time when the old owner does not use the car?

Regarding this issue, The Ministry of Transport would like to answer as follows:

Clause 2, Article 2 of the Circular No. 133/2014 / TT-BTC dated 11/9/ 2014 of Finance Ministry, guiding the rates, the regime of collection, remittance, management and use of road toll charges, regulations:

Any car prescribed in Clause 1 of this Article shall be exempt from charges in the following cases:

a) The car suffers damage caused by accidents or natural disaster;

b) Its certificate of vehicle registration, or license plate is confiscated or revoked;

c) The car has a so serious accident that it cannot be used on public roads for at least 30 days pending repair.

d) Cars used for transport services by transport cooperatives, enterprises whose operation is suspended for at least 30 consecutive days;

e) Cars which are not operated on public roads, on roads in road transport system, but only be operated on internal roads within the premises of enterprises, or cooperatives such as: train stations, ports, areas of mining, agriculture, forestry and cars used for examination of professional driving schools.

In comparison with the above mentioned regulations, the car that Mr. Sung A Pao bought liquidation of the business does not belong to the above cases should still be subject to the road use fee in accordance with current laws and the Registration Centre requires arrears collection of road toll from 1 January 2013 is correct.

In cases where car is not used, they shall still be subject to road use charges according to regulations, unless the cases of "transport business cars of cooperatives or transport business enterprises are suspended from circulation continuously from 30 days or more "and must be certified by the Department of Transportation.”

For the purchase of used car, car buyer must find out information such as, Is car registered as the name of the owner?, is the car still in the deadline to pay the road toll or not (everyone can search this information on the website of the Vietnam Registration Department via the registration number plate of the vehicle or contact Motor Vehicle Registration Center), or does vehicle is mortgaged in the bank?

In case the car buyer does not understand the information and has no agreement with the seller of the car, he/she may be subject to obligations related to the vehicle that the owner of the old car

To avoid damage, car buyers can work again with the car sellers to negotiate about this. For registry agencies, they shall be assigned to collect the road tolls to the State. They shall only have to strictly pay the charges of road tolls (if their vehicles are still owed tolls) and collect charges for the subsequent cycles before issuing registration certificate

  • By : Online Newspaper of the Government / Translator: HaiYen-Bizic


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