Austria Market Profile

  • Official Name: Republic of Austria
  • Capital: Vienna (Vienna)
  • Independence: 26/10/1955 Austria declared "permanently neutral" and this day became the National Day of Austria.
  • Area: 83 858 Km2
  • Population: 8,214,160 people (7/2014), of which 91.1% Austria, the former Yugoslavia 4% (including Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia), Turks 1.6%, Germany 0.9%, other 2.4% ( statistics 2001)
  • Languages: German (the official languages across the country), X-Lot-along (the official language of the Carinthia region), Cro-a-Croatia (the official language of Burgenland), English Hung Hungary-a (official language of Burgenland region).
  • Currencies: Euro (EUR)
  • Institutional: President: The President is the head of state, a term of 6 years. Real power in the hands of the Government, headed by the Prime Minister of the Union of 4-year term.

Austria Map