To reconsider the proposal for building a petrol station at Tan Lang T-junction, Tan Lang Commune, Van Lang District, Lang Son Province.

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Detailed recommendations: the enterprise has repeatedly sent complaints and requests for settlement to the local authorities with the following main information:
- The enterprise proposed to build a petrol station with a total land area of 2148.9m2.
- According to the planning of the petroleum trading network in Lang Son Province in the 2011-2020 period, the orientation to 2025 (according to the Decision No. 714 / QD-UBND dated June 13, 2012 of the People's Committee of Lang Son Province). This area is allowed to build a new gasoline shop type 3, with an area of 1000 m2.
-  However, the People's Committee of Lang Son official letter No. February 21, 2017 answered enterprise that the entire area of 2.148,9m2,  in which 1,645.8m2 is the slot land, water canal and the land for protection, maintenance and road safety corridors managed by the State that are not permitted to construct works. Enterprise that implemented leveling up is contrary to regulations. Conclusion: The land in Pac Can, Na Cuomm, Tan Lang Commune that the enterprise complain to the provincial People's Committee on the construction of petrol stores are not eligible to build a petrol shop under the master plan.
-  Earlier, the People's Committee of Van Lang District has also written an official documents to reply to the enterprise:
-  he proposed site is mostly located on rivers and streams managed by the State, according to the regulations, the transfer of land in contravention of regulations threat to the environment, the area of agricultural land, people ... when flooding
·  The site is located within the road safety corridors and is within the scope of the National Highway No 4A crossing through Na Sam Town and Bo Cung Pass that the provincial People's Committee is requesting to the competent authority for approval of the project.
·  The proposed location is not in line with the province's petroleum business network (about 300m from the planning site).
-  The business did not agree with some examples of other individuals and enterprises violated (Thien Duong restaurant built without a license, private enterprise Nguyen Ba Thanh leveled more than 3000 m2 of fields, change the flow of sewerage, which is smaller than that of the whole residential area, Mr. Ha Van Sang is leveling up field land for production and business, and Huyen Thang Co., Ltd is allowed to build a petrol station. Only one kilometer away from the petrol station ...)but the permission for construction of the enterprise is not allowed and even has an official letter requested the enterprise to find another location.
-  Request the competent authority:
-  To consider re-checking the location of the land (because the proposed location is 250m far from the center’s fork is reasonable, the project to avoid national highway 4A Ca Gong Pass has  been just unapproved yet and hasn’t got decision on land recovery ...);
-  To request to be granted land use right for the above land area to complete initial appraisal procedures
(We have a request to extract the map to fill the application procedures, the leadership has not paid attention, and consider  to create favorable conditions for enterprises)


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