Hong Kong Market Profile

  • Official name: Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong of the People's Republic of China
  • Capital :
  • National Day:
  • Area: 1,104 km2 (land: 1.054km2, water: 50km2), a coastline of 733 km
  • Population: 7,141,106 people (estimated July 2015)
  • Language: Cantonese (90.8%), English (2.8%), Mandarin (0.9%), other languages (2.1%)
  • Currencies: HKD
  • Institutional: Hong Kong used to be a dependent territory of the United Kingdom from 1842 until the transfer of sovereignty to the People's Republic of China 1997 Sino-British Joint Declaration and the Basic Law of Hong Kong stipulate that Hong Kong enjoys a high autonomy status until at least the year 2047-50 years after the transfer of sovereignty.Under a national policy, the two modes, the Central People's Government is responsible for defense and diplomatic side of this territory of Hong Kong is to maintain the legal system, police force, the system of salaries currency, customs policy, immigration policy of the UK, and representatives of organizations and international events. According to the head of government institutions Special Zone had been elected by the Electoral Commission Head of the District consists of 800 members. All other officers of the District government, including members of law enforcement agencies and legislators have either been appointed Head of Special Zone (direct or delegated) or elected by voters.

Hong Kong Map