Issued new Decree on business registration

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The government has issued a new decree detailed regulations on dossiers, order and procedures for business registration;business registration; regulations on business registration agencies and state management of enterprise registration.
Decree on replacing Decree No. 43/2010 / ND-CP dated 15/4/2010 of the Government on business registration and Decree No. 5/2013 / ND-CP of the Government dated 01.09.2013 edited and amend a number of provisions on administrative procedures in Decree No. 43/2010 / ND-CP.

Specifically, in addition to the general provisions concerning the rights and obligations of the business, the principle applies solve business registration procedures, new decree also provides for mechanisms of coordination between the auto electronics the business registration and tax authorities through the process of creating and using business numbers.

Accordingly, each business is assigned a unique code called enterprise code. This number is also the corporate tax code. 

Business code is generated, sent, received automatically by the National Information System for business registration, registration systems and tax information recorded on the certificate of business registration. At the same time, state management agencies use uniform business codes to manage and exchange information about the business.

The automatic electronic interconnection between national information system for business registration and information system will contribute tax registration shortening registration certificate of the enterprise, to create more favorable conditions for the established businesses making business registration procedures.

Shorten the time of issuance of certificates of registration to 3 days

To further facilitate the establishment of enterprises, the new Decree has additional regulations on business registration office. As a rule, the business registration office can organize the records of receipt and return the results of the business registration offices at various locations on provincial-level localities.

A new addition to this Decree is to shorten the time of issuance of business registration certificate and regulations on electronic communication mechanisms between business registration agencies and tax authorities. Accordingly, the deadline for registration agency business registration certificate is now reduced from 5 working days to 3 working days from the date of receipt of a valid application.

DN can have multiple seals

Additional new decree also provides for notification dossier seal specimen towards facilitating maximum notice now when seal forms, contributing to improve the index began trading under the assessment of our country's institutions and international organizations. The new decree provisions, businesses have the right to decide on the form, content and number of the seal of the enterprise, branch or representative office. Businesses can have multiple seals with form and content alike.

The implementation of enterprise registration through electronic networks are expected as a tool of convenience, efficiency, contribute to reducing implementation time business registration procedures, transparency of work of business registration, contract time support for business registration agencies in receiving and managing enterprise registration records. Therefore, in order to encourage businesses to register established through this form, business registration process electronically in the new Decree is designed to create more favorable conditions for business. Specifically, organizations and individuals choose to use a digital signature using a public or registered trading accounts to register electronically now.

In addition, the new Decree also supplements some regulations on dossiers, order and procedures for registration of change in business registration; order and procedures for business registration suspended or re-granting business registration certificates, corporate dissolution, revocation of business registration certificates ...



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