Taiwan Market Profile

  • Official name: Taiwan
  • Capital: Taipei
  • National Day:
  • Area: 35 980 km2 (including the land: 32 260 km2, the water: 3,720 km2)
  • Population: 23,464,787 people (updated May 7/2016)
  • Language: The official language is used in Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese (Taiwanese called National Language), followed by Min Nan (ie Hokkien) Hakka language (words used only by hotel Chinese, also known as Hakka, Hakas), and a small speaking parts Cao Son (vernacular, the language of ethnic minorities) by the majority of Taiwanese people are migrants from Fujian province and Guangdong East to. Also, English is also the language very popular in Taiwan.
  • Currencies: Taiwan dollar (NT $)
  • Institutional: institutional parliamentary democracy, bicameral mode.

Taiwan Map