Do not mobilize public servants who are in probationary period

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(Chinhphu.vn) – Mr. Le Quang Anh (in Quang Ninh Province) was recruited as a commune-level’s civil servant, holding a title of Statistical Officer with 12-months probation. Now, Mr. Anh would like to move to another commune’s People's Committee in the same district and the People's Committee of 2 communes have agreed to let him transfer and receive. So, is Mr. Anh in the process of being mobilized from one commune to another?


Regarding this issue, the Quang Ninh Department of Home Affairs responds as follows:

At present, there are no specific regulations on the case he asked. However, under Section 5 (from Article 22 to Article 26) of Decree 112/2011 / ND-CP dated 5 December 2011 of the Government on commune, ward and township officials stipulating the probationary regime: After the probationary period expires, the probationers must report the probation results; The probationers’ instructors must comment and evaluate the probationers's results and send them to the civil servant’s employment agencies.

Heads of agencies employ civil servants evaluate the political, ethical and work performance of probationers. If probationers meet requirements of titles of civil servants in probation process, civil servant-management bodies shall issue decisions to recognize the probationary duration and pay the salary to recruited public servants.

An probationer may be dismissed from employment if he / she has not completed his / her job or has been subject to disciplinary action from reprimand upwards during the probation time.

A probationer may be dismissed from employment if he / she has not completed his / her tasks or has been subject to disciplinary action for up to and up to the time of probation.

In addition, under the provisions of Article 35 of Decree No. 24/2010 / ND-CP stipulating the recruitment, employment and management of public employees, the transfer of public employees shall be carried out in the following cases:

- According to specific tasks’ requirements;

- Change of working positions according to provisions of law;

- According to the planning and plans on the use of public employees in agencies, organizations, units and between agencies, organizations and units under decisions of competent agencies.

Therefore, there are no mobilizations of public servants who are on probation.


  • By : Online Newspaper of the Government / Translator: HaiYen-Bizic


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