50% of Viet Tien garments on local market fake

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VOV.VN - Brands of subsidiary companies of the Vietnam National Textile and Garment group (Vinatex) are commonly counterfeited for the domestic market, especially products of Garment 10, Viet Tien, and Duc Giang companies.

50% of viet tien garments on local market fake hinh 0

Last year, the garment and textile sector grossed an export turnover of more than US$31 billion. In the first four months of the year, total export turnover rose by 14% to US$10.3 billion against the same period last year, fulfilling 39% of the yearly plan.


Despite these positive signs, the sector faces a problem in the increasing number of counterfeit goods.

According to Le Tien Truong, general director of Vinatex, brands of subsidiary companies of Vinatex have been faked on the market, especially Viet Tien garment products, accounting for 50% of the products.

To secure a foothold in the local market, the sector needs to develop its own brands and seek ways to win the support and trust of consumers.

Mr Truong underlined the importance of building trademarks and developing intellectual property in accordance with laws in the country and in foreign markets.

Mr Truong noted that it takes time to develop trusted brands for the sector, with the starting point being the domestic market, before then gearing up for major markets around the world.


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