Working less than one year can be shared additional income?

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(Chinhphu.vn) - Ms. Vu Huyen (in Ho Chi Minh City) works in an administrative unit. In 2017, her unit had 2 employees who worked for 8 months, then resigned.  Ms. Huyen would like to ask, are these two employeessharedadditional income? If so, how to calculate these extra income?

Regarding this issue, The Ministry of Finance has the following opinions:

The provisions on additional income for public non-business units shall comply with the Finance Ministry's Circular No. 71/2006 / TT-BTC dated August 9, 2006, guiding the implementation of the Decree No. 43/2006 / ND-CP. - CP dated April 25, 2006 of the Government stipulating the right to autonomy and self-responsibility for the performance of tasks, organizational structure,personnel and finance for public non-business units.

- For non-business units which are self-assured operation expenses and non-business units which partially self assure their operation costs, Points a and b; Clause 3.2 of increased income, Section VIII of the Circular No. 71/2006 / TT-BTC has stipulated:

The State encourages non-business units to increase revenues, save expenses, streamline the personnel and additional incomes for employees on the basis of fulfilling their assigned tasks after fulfilling their obligations to the budget. Government; basing themselves on the financial results of the year, units shall decide on the total increase of their incomes in the year...

The payment of additional income to each employee in the unit (employees on the payroll and labor contract from 1 year or more) according to internal regulations of the unit and ensure the principle who has high productivity, more contribution to increase the revenue, save costs are paid more.

Accordingly, based on the internal spending regulations, the head of the unit decides to pay additional income to employees, ensuring the principle of persons with high working efficiency, contributing a lot to the increase of income and reduction of expenditure shall be paid more and specified in Clause 3.2, Section VIII and IX of the Finance Ministry's Circular No. 71/2006 / TT-BTC.


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