How to handle the money in the safe was shot President's Council?

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(People of Vietnam) According to the results of the police investigation on the results of Yen Bai province investigated the case this shoot two new provincial leadership is announced, authorities found 1.5 billion, the same $ 100,000 some jewelry in the safe in the office of the President's Council Ngo Ngoc Tuan Yen Bai province after the suspects he was murdered do Cuong Minh City.

Then, when the investigating authorities to work with his wife Mrs. Hien Tuan Hien affirmed: This is the amount that 2 couple grandparents accumulating for years. They had decided not to stay at home that's safe to stay in the pose for safety agencies.

xu ly the nao safe with money in the People's Council Chairwoman bi board?  Image 1

View the press conference announced the results of investigation of the cases fired two leaders Yen Bai Province, took place on the last 26.12. (Photo: PV)

However, around the issue of how to handle assets of up to several billion found in his safe, Ngo Ngoc Tuan accordance with the law, many readers have wondered how to determine questions the exact origin of such property. In this regard, the People Vietnam has had discussions with lawyers Nguyen Anh Tuan - Director of the Company Law of the South.

Dear lawyers, at a press conference by the new Yen Bai provincial police organization investigating agency had said it was the money that he and his wife Tuan 2 years accumulate, so for safety at work.But to assert that the amount of the couple Tuan, have to rely on what grounds?

- The first is based on the written declaration of assets and income of the pose. Clause 1, Article 7 of Decree No. 78/2013 / ND-CP, dated 17.07.2013 "On the transparency of assets and incomes" of the Government and Paragraph 1, Article 1 of Circular No. 08/2013 / TT Prime Minister dated 10/31/2013 of the Government Inspectorate regulations, "in charge of the National Assembly, the people's Council deputies in charge, the candidates of the National Assembly and people's Council candidates, who are expected to vote, ratified at the National Assembly, people's Councils "who is obliged to declare assets.Assets, income must be declared to be defined in Article 3, the above circular.

President's Council Ngo Ngoc Tuan Yen Bai province. (Photo: IT)

Based on this provision and the money in the safe in his office, he Tuan Tuan subjects are obliged to declare these assets. So if in the written declaration of assets, income pose a declaration of such assets, the assets that belong to Tuan.

In case the property is not in the declaration of assets and income of Mr. Tuan, to consider while not promptly added to the declaration, Mr Tuan has irregular income such as lottery winnings, or land sale homes ... or not? In conclusion there are many ways to verify.

Unless otherwise irregular income that could not declare, if not in the property on the declaration, the investigating agency must also make it clear why the property was not declared? Where the origin?

- If Hien (wife Tuan) declare that money is the family property accumulated for years, she Hien obliged to prove. Not simply declare the family's accumulated and investigating agencies can not rely solely on such testimonies to return the assets to Hien. Who knows, someone sent him a week? ...

In short, to claim the assets in his safe Tuan owned by anyone must be based on legal grounds.


Where the number of assets that are not included in the statement of assets and income and also pose no basis for determining pose with irregular incomes, while Ms. Hien also not prove that property is because she and her husband accumulated will handle like?

- When not determine who the owner of that property, it will be remitted to the State fund. 

Some people wonder why private property brings to the agency's office. Such a violation of State regulations do not?

- We do not have any legal documents to that effect, however, one of the agencies own internal rules, does not allow individuals to bring personal property into offices.

Thank you lawyers!

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