Is administrative work converted to teaching time?

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(Chinhphu.vn) - Ms. Le Thi Kieu Yen (in Da Nang City) was a lecturer for 8 years at a public college in Da Nang City until 2016. She currently holds a code of 15.113.

During 3 years of 2014, 2015 and 2016, due to the college enrollment was difficult, there was not any enrollment students, so she did not directly teach, but moved to work in the Student Management Office, the college converted 8 office working hours to 3 teaching standard hours for a lecturer.


Ms. Yen would like to ask, which regulations are based on for such conversion? For three years that she did not directly teach, is she eligible for preferential allowance during such time?

Regarding this issue, Danang City Department of Home Affairs responds as follows:

Conversion of standard time for lecturers: The conversion of standard time for lecturers is specified in Circular No. 47/2014 / TT-BGDDT dated October 31, 2014 of the Ministry of Education and Training stipulating the working regime for lecturers, including the stipulations on the conversion of standard time for lecturers and norms of standard time for lecturers who are appointed to hold the leading positions or concurrently hold part time management or Party and mass organizations’ jobs in higher education institutions. Thus, the time conversion in the Circular No. 47/2014 / TT-BGDDT only apply to lecturers, not apply to other subjects.

Occupational preferential allowances: The Decision No. 244 / QD-TTg dated 6 October, 2015 of the Prime Minister on preferential allowance clearly stated, subjects are applied the preferential allowance regime for lecturers who are teachers and be teaching directly in public education establishments and have been directly transferred and paid according to the Government's Decree No. 204/2004 / ND-CP of December 14, 2004 on the salary regime for cadres, civil servants, officials and armed forces at public education establishments within the national education system and schools, centers and academies of state agencies, Party and socio-political organizations shall be provided funds by State for their operation.

At present, Ms. Yen is no longer teaching directly at the College, so she is not eligible for preferential allowances under the decision No. 244 /n QD-TTg of Government’s Prime Minister. 

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